*** SHIMS DO *** 13th JULY 2012 ***

Right Guys …..

Quick history lesson for you , excuse me if I miss a detail or two and feel free to correct me.

Back in 2005 at the clubs 25th anniversary celebrations a pledge was made by our very own, Mike ‘ el Presidente’ Shimmin, to match anything SPort Erin raised in the following year to a maximum of £25,000 – get it – £25 grand for 25 years the club has existed

Through blood sweat and tears the SPort Erin raised this princely sum.

Now , true to his word , Mike would like to present the cheque !

So , to the point , Shims Do !

This is to be held at Mount Murray on Friday 13th July.

Tickets are £25.00 per head.

Black tie and very best dresses for the ladies … and maybe Ally ….. !

I cannot stress how important this is for our club and moving toward the possibility of having our own home -  Nomads players need to be there in force !

We have 100 places to fill so get your name down , its gonna be a good’n

Get your name on the list by emailing mail@southernnomads.com , or get in touch with Catty or me direct.

Select your choices from the below and include them in the email .

I will get a list of guests on here ASAP …… if your names not on the list , you aint gettin in !


Duck and orange  pate with toasted ciabatta and red onion marmalade


Prawn cocktail


Roast loin of pork with sage and onion boudain


Grilled fillet of salmon with rosti potato and beurre



Eaton Mess


Sticky toffee pudding

*** Vegetarians will be taken outside and shot , no really … Ok, Just get in touch and we will happily arrange for an alternative !


23rd June for those who need the date ….. !

Its your club guys so please make the effort to be there plenty of positions to be filled !

Chequers for 1pm

Not a bad excuse to give the wife /girlfriend / boyfriend to spend the afternoon in the boozer and have a pint or two !