Find us on faceBook https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthernNomadsJuniorsRUFC/


The Nomads youth fB page is a ‘closed group’ which means that anybody can see the front page and who is in it, but can’t see any of the postings or pictures unless they have been invited to join. It’s intended to supplement the website and texting, primarily as a way of getting information to people quickly at short notice. The Club website will still be our main web presence.


If you are a parent of a youth player, please join. If you are a youth coach, please join and ask Casey to promote you to admin status if you wish. Once you’re joined up, please tell other parents about it (kinda the whole point). It goes without saying, but coaches shouldn’t engage in any online conversation with any members of the youth squad, or post anything inappropriate, on behalf of the club. Communication must always be through the parents.


Should you wish to post pictures of your own children in the group or beyond then that is fine, but please don’t post pictures which include other peoples children unless you have their permission to do so. If somebody has posted pictures that you do not want in the public domain, please contact an admin who will remove them.