Newsletter – 06 09 2013

Greetings to all once again,

1. Games this weekend
2. Autumn Internationals – LAST CALL!
3. Southern Nomads Mhelliah 2013
4. The Foreign Tour…
5. Return of the Website
6. End 2 End -THIS SUNDAY!

1. Games this weekend:

As a quick reminder to all, playing subs are due for the new season. Subs are 120 pounds (or 110 if paid by standing order). Student subs are set at 5 pounds per game (up to 25 pounds (for those at University) or 50 pounds (for those at school)).

Anyone who has not paid their subs up front should pay 5 pounds per game until the full payment of the total amount (with the match fee deducted). This is payable to the captain of the respective team. No pay, no play (although I’m sure someone will sub you a fiver on the day if need be!)

Emerging Nomads vs Douglas B

Kick off: 1.30pm (meet earlier)
Venue: Castle Rushen High School

So, with Joe Callaghan, the ‘littlest Cagzie’ away polishing rocks on a geology field trip, deputy Brendan Coleman will be taking the reigns this weekend.

He needs your support. The game is one involving rolling subs (as they all are now), and we already have a few old and new faces confirmed (but not enough to make use of any rolling subs yet!)

So come down in your drogues to help defeat the dastardly Douglas

As our new treasurer-come-2nd team centre, Vaughan Paddock, would put it: ‘Yaaaaaarrrrghhh!!’

Vagabonds B vs Southern Nomads

Kick off: 2.15pm (meet much earlier – probably Friday night!)
Venue: Ballafletcher (Vagabonds Rugby Club)

The team has been selected on the special secret Facebook group… and it has loads of really good players in it. But if you, like Drunken Sensible Al don’t subscribe to Facebook, you’re probably not in it, so should go and play 20 minutes for the 2s at Castle Rushen instead!

2. Autumn Internationals – LAST CALL!

We still have some tickets to the England vs Australia  match (Sat 2nd Nov) available. Ticket prices are 83, 70 or 60 pounds. Anyone who wants one should please get in touch with Damian at as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

4. The Foreign Tour…

Tour this year will be abroad!

Dates have not been confirmed as of yet but will be updated asap (it will most likely be around normal tour dates – the May Bank Holiday weekends).

If you would like to go on tour, you need to pay a 100 POUND NON-REFUNDABLE deposit by 31st October 2013. Please hand payment to a club official (VAUGHAN, ideally!!!)

Alternatively, email to express an interest

There will be a payment schedule for tour to ensure full balance is paid before departure.

5. Return of the Website

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

Members of the Southern Nomads RUFC used to check the website for important updates. These included fixtures, team selections, photographs, match reports, and the times & dates of upcoming important events…

Then the evil empire of Facebook crept its way into the galaxy, corrupting the youth and alienating the club elders. A few of the more adaptable ageing Nomads managed to remain abreast of what was happening, but now a few scattered pockets of resistance was all that remain of the once mighty Nomadic republic.

Finally, when all hope looked lost, a brave new Social Secretary / Public Relations In the Community officer dared to update the website with more up to date information. And so Sarah Lund and her bumbling assistant Simon ‘Sci Fi’ Phythian (-who still hasn’t managed to upload this season’s fixtures yet!) set about restoring the Nomads website ( to its former glory.

It’s not perfect yet… Most of our registered first-aiders have ether left the Island, retired, got married and changed their name, or (in the case of Damo Brand), recently caught by their wife getting out-of-breath in the act of peeling some potatoes (- which hardly makes the most capable of first-responders!)

Nevertheless, information regarding tour & the mhelliah has already started to appear – so there may be ‘a new hope’ for Nomads after all!

6. End 2 End – THIS SUNDAY!

Everyone meet at Rushen Parish Church at 11 where Vaughan and Tom Davies will have the organisational details & hi-vis jackets.

If you have committed to come down, please make sure you do so – especially if you have played or plan to play in Cheshire this season!

The club seems to be haemorrhaging money at the moment, and this has been one of the best methods in recent seasons of injecting money back into the club – so please come along if you can!

Right, apologies for the lateness of the missive!

Best regards,
The Hon. Secretary

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