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Shimmin Wilson Manx Shield Winners every year since 2008/09

PDMS Sponsored Kit Presentation 2011

PDMS Sponsored Kit Presentation 2011

Southern Nomads RUFC are an amateur rugby union team formed in 1982 who play on the Isle of Man and have played competitively in the Manx Shield and Manx Cup competitions every year since then. We regularly finish in the top three places and have won the coveted Manx Shield four times now. The lastest was in the 2010/11 season.  Nomads have also competed in the Cheshire Plate and will continue to persevere to improve our record there.  

 The Club is based in the south of the Island, primarily between the villages of Port Erin and Port St. Mary, and play our home matches at King William’s College.   

Due to the growth of the club and popular demand, the 07/08 season saw the re-emergence of the Nomads 2nd team. As well as providing a great platform for our less experienced players to develop their skills, this is also allowing those who feel they are in twilight of their playing careers to stay involved. Of course, the ‘Emerging Nomads’ will also benefit rugby on the island as a whole by adding to the fixtures and diversity within the Manx competitions.   

Our players can generally be found socialising in a variety of public houses in the area but the ‘Nomad’s Oasis’ is The Bay, Port Erin, where we host our post-game warm down.   

Nomads welcome all new players to the club, irrespective of playing experience so if you fancy coming down and seeing what it’s all about please get in touch or just come down to training and get stuck in.   

With a ‘senior’ membership of at least 60 players and about 60 ‘youngsters’ we recognise the need to secure facilities of our own to evolve from our ‘Nomadic’ nature, provide our membership with the facilities they deserve, and ensure the Club’s future. With this in mind, Southern Nomads have founded ‘Southern Nomads SPort Erin’, a registered charity (No. 1001) whose main aim is to raise funding for this. They are also active in raising awareness for the need for further community based sporting facilities in the south of the island.  

In 2011, Southern Nomads were awarded the runners-up prize in the RFU President’s XV Awards for Community Links