2009-2010 Season

Date Home Team       Away Team Competition
Sep 2009
19th Vagabonds 2nds p vs p Emerging Nomads
19th Nomads 1sts 27 vs 7 Castletown
26th Emerging Nomads 3 vs 52 Nomads 1sts
Oct 2009
3rd Vagabonds 2nds 11 vs 21 Nomads 1sts
3rd Emerging Nomads 12 vs 0 Ramsey 2nds
10th Douglas 2nds 25 vs 25 Nomads 1sts
10th Emerging Nomads 3 vs 17 Castletown
24th Vagabonds B 27 vs 12 Emerging Nomads
31st Nomads 1sts 35 vs 3 Ramsey 2nds
31st Douglas 2nds 29 vs 14 Emerging Nomads
Nov 2009
7th Castletown 6 vs 50 Nomads 1sts
7th Ramsey 2nds 5 vs 25 Emerging Nomads
18th Castletown  36 vs  3 Emerging Nomads
28th Nomads 1sts 28  vs 22 Vagabonds B
Jan 2010
16th Emerging Nomads 17 vs 10 Vagabonds B
30th Nomads 1sts 53 vs 0 Ramsey B Shield
Feb 2010
6th Ramsey B vs Emerging Nomads Friendly
13th Nomads 1sts  47  vs  7 Emerging Nomads Manx Shield
20th Nomads 1sts  7  vs  12 Douglas B Manx Shield
20th Castletown  20 vs  3 Emerging Nomads Manx Shield
27th Douglas  76  vs  3  Nomads 1sts Manx Cup Semi Finals
Mar 2010
6th Emerging Nomads  30  vs  14  Douglas B Manx Shield
13th Nomads 1sts  76  vs  0  Emerging Nomads Mark Lean/Haiti Benefit Game
20th Douglas B  vs  Nomads 1sts Trophy
20th Emerging Nomads vs Castletown Bowl
27th Nomads 1sts vs Douglas B Trophy
27th Ramsey B vs Emerging Nomads Bowl
Apr 2010
10th Castletown vs Emerging Nomads Bowl
17th Vagabonds B  38 vs  24 Nomads 1sts Trophy
24th Douglas 1sts vs Nomads 1sts Manx Cup Semi-Final
May 2010
8th Nomads 1sts  8 vs  31 Vagabonds B Tropy : at Vagas -14:45 KO
8th Emerging Nomads  34 vs  50 Ramsey B Bowl : at Vagas – 13:00 KO

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